Facing the tough questions on a Friday morning – is it ever possible to combine green houndstooth jacket with a patterned dress? If your answer was no, then you would be right, up until you realise you have a compete shortage of non #black or #white jackets and its either that or freeze (yup still 12 degrees down here!). So just own your look like it was meant to be! #happyfriday #tgif #Auckland #fashiongram #dressingmytruth #dressinglikeidontcare

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Lime Green is a Mean Girl

Can anyone wear lime green? I am not talking about a dull, dark lime the fruit look like. I mean in your face, poke your eye out from a distance lime. Bordering on neon. Who can wear that colour and live to tell the tale? Lime green pants At the tender age of eleven, I…