A Banksy has a different kind of value. They speak to you in a way that makes sense just to you. Prints of his work are ubiquitous and yet treasured – I lost mine in the last breakup.

The beauty of Banksy is his ability to make you believe that you belong to something bigger than yourself. Living in London I passed more than one of the graffiti images everyday. Initially I was captured by the way they were built around the preexisting wall structures; then by their humour and later their quiet subversiveness. But what I truly loved was spotting a new one out of the corner of my eye, it was like being part of a secret club. An art club, a Banksy club, a London club, a global club. Some are like old friends that I will treasure forever.

His art has the ability to speak to so many, to tap in the global undercurrent of discontent without saying a word. It is a silent protest we are all a part of, a community of quiet subversives.

Banksy has something to say. He doesn’t speak for all of us, but his art speaks to all of us in many different ways.

Vision Board Themes: community, subversive.



3 thoughts on “Banksy

  1. Thanks for liking Art and Beyond. You write so beautifully – with honesty and real feeling – a breath of fresh air!

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