Do you give thought to glasswork? Mostly it’s all about function: vases, ash trays, jewellery, bowls, etc. It never really seemed to capture my imagination as art.

That is, until I was passing a gallery in San Francisco and a burst of colour and form caught my eye, pulling me back to stare through the window. What I saw were forms of glass in odd shapes but with such grace and fluidity they seemed alive; colours so vibrant they leapt off the glass; and combinations of pieces that seemed strange and yet perfect. Little did I know, that I had discovered Chihuly.

The moment I saw his ceiling in the Bellagio in Vegas, I was hooked. You will find Chihuly’s all over the world, on walls, ceilings, gardens, boats, chandeliers and more. Chihuly draws on the forms of nature and recreates them with glass infused with colours. It’s amazing that these inanimate objects are full of such life.

His works are unusual, thought provoking and unexpected. They captivate and enthral. If you listen, they dance and sing, taking you on a journey into another realm.

You would never mistake a Chihuly as functional, it is truly art.

Vision Board Themes: colour, grace, unexpected.





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