20130106-144917.jpgHas a work of art ever driven you to max out your credit card, to fly half way around the world to see it? The thought of bright orange gates unfurling in the winter breeze along the paths of Central Park almost had me.

Christo wraps things. He and his wife imagine huge installations, with mountains of red tape, and the patience to stick to their principles to make their art a reality. Wrapping an island or the Reichstag might seem impossible, but two people made that happen.

Never has anything so captured the imagination as something that seems impossible. These feats of impossibility are never achieved by two people alone; volunteers, art lovers and moments of luck, come together to make the impossible a reality. For that short moment in time, anything seems possible.

I have never seen a Christo in the flesh, been able to touch the material or be swallowed by the wall of colour.

Now I wait for the stars to align, when a river in Arizona will be covered and a pyramid of oil drums will appear in a Middle Eastern desert. When that happens I will take that leap of faith and max out the credit card. Somethings only happen once in a lifetime.

Vision Board Themes: impossibility, big, colour, principle, patience. 20130106-144925.jpg20130106-144933.jpg20130106-144940.jpg

2 thoughts on “Christo

  1. I have had the incredible opportunity to see two of their works – the umbrellas in CA and the gates in NY. And I, too, would max out the credit cards for the next two works in progress. :O)

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