I never quite understood surrealism. So abstract it captures the inner musing of an artist’s mind….how do you know what you are looking at, is it any good, how much time should you give it, can it be deciphered without a code breaker??

All of which meant, unless the work was aesthetically pleasing (aka pretty) I passed it by.

That is until I walked into the Miro gallery in Barcelona. Being able to see an artist’s life work in one location, each room building on Miro’s journey as an artist, allowed me to take that journey with him. So when I reached the room full of squiggles, they made sense, they had meaning.

Miro’s surrealist paints have a dream like quality to them, I feel as if I could float away to another world with them. The choices of colour, shape and form link together to convey this mysticism.

Miro was never wedded to surrealism alone, he experimented with other styles and approaches to art, continuing to push boundaries throughout his life. He took from a range of styles but always adhering to his ideals and being true to his form of expression.

Vision Board Themes: retrospective comprehension, experimentation





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