A tour of Europe inherently involves inspecting sculpture after sculpture of gods, goddesses and cherubs. I even started the best sculpted bottom contest – Mercury always seemed to come out in front (or back.. :-))

After a while, you can’t help but feel that once you have seen one classical sculpture, you’ve seen them all!

Then you see something you could never have imagined. An artist that makes marble look like it was putty in his hands.

First it was Bernini’s Rape of Proserpina, where Pluto’s hands dug into her flesh with her hair flying away. Then it was Apollo’s dogged pursuit of Daphne, and in her terror, she begs for her beauty to be destroyed. In that moment she becomes part of the forest. Finally, David’s complete determination to overcome Goliath.

I didn’t see figures caught in time, I saw a story. I saw passion and pain, determination, obsession and fear.

I was captivated by Bernini’s ability to capture immense emotion and tell a story in a medium like marble, in a way that others hadn’t for centuries.

Photographs can not do them justice, visit the Borghese in Rome.

Vision Board Themes: emotional story-telling in an unbending medium, captivating



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