Fred Williams


Have you heard of Fred Williams? I hadn’t. How this iconic Australian artist completely escaped my attention for so long is a mystery. The only possible suggestion I have is that it has been 25 years since his last retrospective, but still, that’s a pretty thin excuse.

I am quite sure I have passed by his works in galleries and just never noticed them. Appalling.

Last year, on a fleeting visit to Melbourne, I was doing the gallery rounds and on a whim agreed to pay $17 for a exhibition of an artist I had never heard of. Best $17 I ever spent.

The early works didn’t really grab me, but the second I saw ‘Sapling Forest’ I was blown away. His golden trees luminesced in front of me. I stood transfixed, staring at the painting for 5 minutes, I couldn’t wait to see the rest of his works but couldn’t bear to leave the radiating canvas behind.

Williams captured Australia with abstract expressionism, at times even minimalism, but each painting is filled with such life that the landscape lights up before your eyes.

Anyone in love with the Australian scape: the outback, the forests, the rivers, the beaches, any landscape that is quintessential Australia, will fall in love with Fred Williams.

No one else has painted the Australian landscape like this – in a way that simply inspires and enthrals the viewer.

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