It’s All About Your Brain

A brain-based approach to coaching requires us to know about optimal brain functioning and how we can re-create that environment in coaching. These first few posts will explore what we know about the brain.

No two brains are the same. This may not seem obvious because from the outside all brains are pink, squishy and look like a cauliflower. Inside your brain, it’s a different story. You have billions of neurons connecting themselves to thousands of dendrites to create a map that guides your thoughts, behaviours and actions. For anyone that remembers high school maths, that’s a lot of possible combinations and permutations!

Our brain map is shaped by every sound, thought, feeling and idea we have ever experienced, so everyone’s map will form in a different way. That means each person will see, understand and process information in a their own way. Thus the connections you make in your brain when solving a problem will be different to the connections that I make, solving the same problem.

That’s why it’s great to have diverse teams as everyone will bring a different approach and perspective to the table.

I have had employees who didn’t do things that way I thought best. As her brain connections are completely different to mine, our approach would never be the same to the same task.

So what does this tell you? No one can solve your problems for you. Telling you the way I would do something isn’t going to resonate with you as much as an idea you connect on your own. The connections to solving your dilemma needs to happen in your brain, not in mine.

So as a coach, how can I best help you make these connections and solve your problem yourself? By reducing your brain noise and letting you do all the thinking.


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