Words for Adam

The curtains fluttered and the window frames rattled when you slammed the door behind you. I was amazed at how quickly you made that decision, executing it before I really knew.

I am still standing here, looking at the swirling dust, hoping to catch its drift before its settles.

You left so little behind, a photo, a scent on the sheets, an unfinished book. You touched my soul in a way I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t ready to be stripped bare and be seen for all that I am.

I was falling for you and it was terrifying. So the walls went back up leaving you confused, in the cold.

I want to hold onto the light you gave me, the thoughts you opened me to. I can see it reflected off the curtains and the walls.

But too soon the dust settles, and I am standing in an empty house. Were you ever here, or just a figment of my imagination.

I step outside and look for the light, but it too has faded.


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