Red is for Rothko


Did you see the play Red? It’s about Rothko at the time he was painting the commission for the Four Seasons in New York in the late 1950’s. I saw the play twice, once in London and once in Auckland. The play emulates Rothko’s works, full of emotion, passion, anger, confusion, friendship and respect.

Before I saw the play, Rothko didn’t rate much of a mention on my art radar, I didn’t even bother to go the Tate Modern retrospective when I had the chance. “Why make a fuss about Rothko?” I thought.

After the play I was captivated, enthralled, hungry for more – to understand how people could be so moved by the blocks of colour; how he represented each emotion on canvas; I am hooked.

So much so, that Rothko is currently providing the greatest source of inspiration and guidance for my own art. It is both a guide to representing inner emotions in the outer world and assurance that my art is actually art, it’s just inspired from within me not from with out.

Vision Board Themes: inner emotion, guide, passion





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