Til Further Notice, I Live Here

What happens when your home no longer feels like home? When you crave adventure and find yourself moving between countries every couple of years? How do you decide where to live, where to commit to, when the grass always seems greener somewhere else?

For those of us who lack patience, settling into a new country is hard, always craving something from our past life. For me, a slow transitioner, it takes 2 years before I can really feel at home in a location. Often, that’s the point where I have mentally given up and moved on.

I have been in New Zealand for two years now (bar the two month period when I moved back to Sydney – boy was I not ready for that!) and only in the past few months has it felt like home. I now feel very grounded in New Zealand, accepting it for its strengths (lots of space and a chilled way of life) and weaknesses (the humidity – can we turn that down please?!)

We all face some kind of change everyday, it’s what propels our lives forward. When that change is overwhelming, we can crumble and stumble on our journey, and spend too much time in the past dreaming of what was, what could have been.

For those times, I discovered a mantra that gives me strength when it seems impossible to find anything like it was:

When everything changes, change everything.

It has its rewards. πŸ™‚



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