Breath Of The Volcano By Groupe F


The combination of visual images projected onto the side of Auckland Museum, the fireworks, fire balls and the light men, all captured the essence of New Zealand perfectly. From the volcano’s, the sea, the mountains and the cities (with a little political commentary on the side), summed up the many aspects of my new home.

As an outsider it is always a pleasure to recognise aspects of a land that you are also in the process of discovering. It connected me to New Zealand even more than before.

Only one aspect of the performance had to be explained to me – where the frogs blew up a rainbow – in recognition of the French attack on the Rainbow Warrior.

I hadn’t expected the show to be especially designed for the Auckland Arts festival. So many shows here are simply imports, just a step enroute to somewhere bigger, so it was nice to see something tailor made for the environment and the culture.

Overall I thought the show was amazing, lighting up my spirit as well as the night sky.






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