WOW – Where Art And Fashion Truly Meet

Ever heard of the World of Wearable Art? Well until I moved to New Zealand, neither had idea.

WOW (did the acronym come first or after they saw the creations…) is where art, movement, music and storytelling combine to create something almost unimaginable.

A recent exhibition at Auckland Museum brought some of the award winning costumes to light. It’s not the fact that they are clothes, or ways to cover the human form, it’s what they at made from, what they represent and the imagination that has brought them to life.

From the dress made from leather, or feathers or blue packing tape. The suit made from old leather suitcases, the dress made from copper car things or the outfit made from the plastic inserts in men’s collars. Personally I was amazed by the ball gown made from wood. The creations simply astound.

I would love to create an outfit from items that I have around my house, things that seem to have no current purpose but could one day be useful. Like buttons. How many spare buttons do you laying around from clothes you used to wear and will never need again?

What would you create an outfit from? And what theme would you focus on?

Find more images and info here






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