Organised Chaos – Judy Millar Comic Drop


These works appeal on a number of levels, the pace of the movement with the stillness of the colour. The chaos juxtaposed with the form and rigidity with which the works were created.

I am drawn to all things involving colour at the moment. I am fascinated how the underlying colour can have such a huge impact as to how each work is perceived, what message it is sending you, simply through the use of different colours.

Look closer, the exaggerated hand gestures painted in black are the same, exactly the same. In fact they haven’t been painted on. They have been uniformly printed into the canvas. Something that appears chaotic was actually created from something very structured.

Now look at the colour underneath. The gold, the purple, the orange and the rainbow. Each painting has similar structure and yet the colour – the way it’s been applied, its tone, its range and depth – make me feel different. It’s the colour rather then the pattern that I am attracted to, that resonates with me in a positive or negative way.

I love the way the chaos of these works feels like the artist simply let go and allowed her body to express the power and passion inside her. I am startled at how that was replicated by a machine. More than that, I am constantly amazed at how the use of different underlying colours can completely change the way I feel about a particular piece.

Did you find that?

If you are interested, take a look at Judy’s installations – the use of colour, exaggerated hand crafted gestures combined in way where structure and chaos meet – is fascinating.





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