Ask Yourself – What Do I Feel Like Doing Right Now?

Today I find myself in the gorgeous Hunter Valley, 2 hours north of Sydney.

Why am I here?

Yes I realise I am asking a somewhat metaphysical question. Sometimes in life I arrive somewhere only to realise what I am actually here to learn isn’t going to happen in the classroom.

Listen to Myself

I am in this beautiful location for a series of dance workshops. I have flown over 3 hours and driven over 2 hours, just to be here. Not to mention how much all of that cost. So you would think that this weekend I am just itching to improve my dancing because I have spent a bunch of money and time to be here.

Not quite. I find myself not sleeping and a bit stressed by all the other things I wanted to be doing this weekend instead.

Pause, breathe.

Giving Myself Permission

Forcing myself to go to a dance class when my mind and body feels pressured, is only going to reduce my ability to listen to my partner, follow the lead, and not express myself the way I want to.

So what? “Why wouldn’t you want to come to class? We don’t get these kind of teachers everyday ?” Personal pressure from me or other dancers, seemingly harmless, can have a bigger impact than people think regardless whether its about drugs or dancing.

So “what do I feel like doing right now? What would bring me the most joy in is moment?”

What choice can I make now that would bring me the most peace and happiness. A different choice.

No Ordinary Moments

The Peaceful Warrior taught me there are no ordinary moments, to appreciate every moment as an opportunity to live with joy and happiness in my heart.

So here I am, by the lake, writing and brainstorming with Scott how I will change the world.

If I was dancing right now, this post would not exist….

I am exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want to be doing – there is nothing ordinary about that.



One thought on “Ask Yourself – What Do I Feel Like Doing Right Now?

  1. This post makes me feel in awe. To listen to one self deeply is an extraordinary ability to have. To discard something of value, like dance lesson, is not something an ordinary person would do.

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