My Secret

Frank Warren of fame is in town. He is talking at Skycity and if the internet wasn’t so damn slow I would have bought tickets by now.

The concept underlying PostSecret is to share a personal secret, something you have never told anyone.

It’s meant to be cathartic, an opportunity to let go but also to connect to ourselves, each other and our deeper humanity.

I was watching his interview on television thinking, I don’t have any deep dark secrets I have never shared with anyone. I am always busy sharing my thoughts with myself, friends and the world.

As I sat down to watch his TED talk, I looked around at the papers on my desk – all about finding your purpose and connecting to yourself. I thought about what I really wanted to be spending my time doing but wasn’t making time for. I looked at my most liked blogs posts and noticed it always corresponds to when I am being me, the authentic me, in my element. I thought about my future business and trying to make it all fit.

That’s when it hit me, my secret, what I would share anonymously with the world. It’s terrifying. Its at the heart of my procrastination. It’s also completely exciting and inspiring. And I never truly realised it before tonight.

So here it is…


I want to be an artist…but it feels like the world might crash in around me if I truly let go and embrace myself. The fear holds me in.


Watch Frank’s Ted Talk here while i find a postcard – maybe your secret will emerge – if it doesn’t the talk is still super cool.



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