Day 3: Making it work

So, Day 2 was a shambles. I started with an activity I really wanted to do and I THOUGHT it met the criteria of something I would be in the flow with.

Now bear with me while I explain what this activity is, because, I am a little bit of a nerd. Here it is. I am reading lots of books at the moment and want to keep track of all the information. So I have decided to mind map my books and I have become a little bit obsessed with it. So Sunday morning I wanted to finish my mind mapping, I REALLY wanted to finish it. Turns out, I might want to do it, I might love doing it, but it wasn’t right-brained enough for me to get in the flow. I got distracted and was really unsatisfied that I still wasn’t finished this mammoth task I set for myself.

So a small meltdown ensued, and thankfully, a friend took me hiking so I could clear my head.

Which brings us to Day 3.

Day 3 started with exercise, something my body needed very much. Turns out, my brain and my ability to create need exercise even more than my body, so even more of a reason to start my day with exercise. (I may reassess the exact order of the best way to start my day.)

Tonight I finished the colour mini-series project.

This is a series of 4 10 x 10 inch canvases the aim for which was to simply explore blending colour but turned into so much more.

Part 1: Love and Happiness


The red white blending process turned into love. I didn’t set out for this emotion to be the focus of the canvas, its just what emerged as I painted it. In fact, I find this canvas so joyful and uplifting I love to look at it. It helps that I have a small magenta obsession at the moment, but this is not magenta.


Happiness formed from a combination of red, yellow and white. Again an experiment in blending that emerged into an emotion that I clearly see as happiness, which sits so well side-by-sude with love.

Part 2: Confusion and the Unknown.

I painted these second two later than the first. They also needed to be painted again as the colouring wasn’t right the first time. I definitely wanted a lime and a violent but started with a dark green and a deep purple – they lacked sufficient blending.


As I was painting this I wasn’t sure what emotion would emerge. Remembering I hadn’t thought of them as emotions until after the first two were painted. The main thought that cam be me as I painted this, is simply is its confusion. Now I wonder whether that was my confusion or its. Maybe that will become clearer in the future.


Which leaves us with violet, the colour of imagination and the spirit, seems fitting that its emotion is unknown or unknowable, hence its title. The dash of red providing a warmth and a will to survive that is in opposition to the more intuitive realm of the violet.

I certainly can’t explain why the final mini-series emerged in this fashion, but I am sure that it will have a deeper meaning for someone.

The complete series

Colour mini-series


Mini-series hung – finished!

In place

So thats it for today.

Who knows what tomorrow’s creative endeavours will include, maybe I will finally combine pastels with turpentine, maybe I will finish the triptych or start a new project… 🙂



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