Judy Millar inspires me (again)!

Mid-week inspiration.

Look at the painting below (don’t mind the poor lighting). What do you see? What do you feel? Where does this painting take you?


I absolutely love this painting. It lifts my spirit and carries me away to a place of fun and exploration. It’s movement and colour are combined in such a way that I want paint to burst forth from my fingers and lay inconsistent colour on every white and grey surface I can find.

What about this one?


The blue in this work makes it more introspective, like looking through a window in time back into the past. At first this painting confused me, was an unknown quantity. Today I see a skull and inside, stories and images of pirates and ships and a time of old.

Tomorrow I will undoubtably see something else.

I hope you found a work of art that transformed you this week.

(I keep spotting Judy’s all over Auckland at the moment – delicious!)

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