James Cousins – taking layering in painting to a new extreme

James Cousins is a Kiwi painter who teachers at Elam art school. His paintings are made in layers, but not just layers of colour, layers of techniques and styles.

Spray painting of flowers seems to be the delicate under layer with a Β top layer a series of fine circular lines created by stencils, with colours melding and dancing across the canvas. I am certain there is more than two layers to these works but they all work together in a wonderful balance of flow and tension its hard to know where the painting starts and ends.

I found myself fascinated by both the technique and the subject. Up close these works are a series of lines and colour, at a distance they are flowers that shimmer and entrance.

This style of creation takes patience, waiting for one layer to dry, and clarity to know where each painting is going at the start of its journey.

2013-04-30 16.47.56 2013-04-30 16.48.01 2013-04-30 16.48.18 2013-04-30 16.48.34 2013-04-30 16.49.08 2013-04-30 16.49.23 2013-04-30 16.49.39 2013-04-30 16.50.05

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