Rothko and his brushstrokes

I have just finished watching the BBC documentary on Rothko, which was incredibly fascinating, even on the second viewing. For the first viewing I was interested by his life, his choices, his exterior influences – his outside world. This time I was far more captivated by his thinking process, or over-thinking if you will, and it wasn’t until he found the right inspiration that his work started to flow in a way that he was happy with.

Rothko paints with blocks of colour on top of blocks of colour. When I say block I mean a shape rather than a consistency, for Rothko’s colours are anything but static. They are three dimensional. With soft brush strokes, the colours seem to move in and out of each other. The colour itself seems consistent but is clearly a flow and blend of the same shades and tones, working together to create movement that enchants.

I am going to practice these techniques with brushstrokes and colour and see what I create.

If you want to watch the video, here it is.


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