Andrew Lakey – Extruded Angels

I first read about Andrew Lakey and his angels in Dan Millman’s book, Bridge Between Worlds. Describing a man who had gone from a serious drug addiction to a committed artist, so committed in fact that he bought a studio and $5000 of materials before he even started painting. Lakey reportedly sat in front of the canvas and waited for inspiration – which he received in the form of his angels.

Lakey recently passed, leaving behind a vast body of work (think tens of thousands) many of which he gave away for free.

Given my interest in painting techniques, I was delighted to discover a short video of Andrew creating an angel. I don’t understand why he paints so many base layers, but I was interested to see the way he applied paint (with rollers), scrapped sections away, drew into the wood, used masking tape, cutting, all different approaches to creating the work. Its well worth the watch, even if its just to glimpse an artist at work.

What I find even more fascinating is the planning. Andrew must know early on what the painting will look like – especially with all those layers (which I can’t see the point of) and the scrapping. For me, I know what I want to paint but I have no idea what it will look like when I am done. I feel like Andrew has that sense.

Definitely worth watching.






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