Christchurch: The Zombie zone

So now that you have seen the art that is defending CHCH, I thought its time you see the other side. Walking around an empty, destroyed city feels voyeuristic – like you are doing something a bit wrong by taking photos. Yet the only people around were holding cameras. Locals just don’t come into the city.

The central city is still empty, surrounded by an endless stream of traffic cones, signs, fences and cranes. Vacant spaces turned parking lots threaten to take over the city. Gap-filler is trying to make better use of those spaces.

The blue Pallet Pavilion now stands where a hotel used to be. It is a communal event space made entirely of pallets, with a cafe, stage, plants, toilets, chairs and tables. It is a brilliant space (even if a bit draughty) and thankfully has just received additional funding so it can remain open into the future.

No Entry

Memorial to those who died in the earthquake

Memorial to those who died in the earthquake

Squashed: Underground carpark Pylons come alive Container and HIlls IMG_5457 Pallet Pavillion Making Coffee IMG_5475 Pallet Pavillion Cathedral Cathedral City centre Cathedral


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