Day 7: Xanthic & Day 8: Diglossia

I am starting to wonder if Dictionary knows its words are being used for a creative endeavours and increasing their obscurity each day. Heavens knows the full scope of the words I will have travelled through by day 100.

Day 7 was fun. Xanthic is all about yellow, so clearly it was going to be a yellow day. As I wandered home from the gym I came across some yellow leaves that had fallen from the tree. Shame I forgot they probably wouldn’t stay yellow once attached to my picture….but still a fun word!


Day 8: well this was challenging! It took some exploring to think about how to represent different languages. In the end I had a play with different mediums (charcoal, paint and pastels) as well as different form (straight lines versus curvy) to represent distinct languages within the same society. (Definition: widespread existence within a society of sharply divergent formal and informal varieties of a language each use in different social contexts or for performing different functions). Shame I forgot to fix the charcoal to the canvas before varnishing!!



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