Day 16: Fen (or swampy goodness)

In my art class is a woman who does amazing abstract art with a fine detailed brush. Her work look nothing like my big, bold slash and burn, emotive approach to art. So I am experimenting. Challenging myself to work with smaller brushes (with patience!) and see what happens.

Day 16: Fen is exactly that. After a couple of base layers of water washes in brown, blue and payne’s tray (my new favourite colour). I created a dull green mixed with open medium and proceeded to delicately create the sense of a swamp. I moved around the water patches, added in colours to represent other things you would find in a swamp. It probably needs a final fluidy glaze to finish but I don’t have a matte one in my collection, so its staying as is.

Day 16: Fen – low land covered wholly or partially with water; boggy land; a marsh, swamp



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