Making Art from Discarded Wood

I am a huge fan of Create before Consume, that is, be creative with the resources you have for free (but may not realise) rather starting your project assuming you have to spend money.

Thats why I love Rekindle, a company in Christchurch creating beautiful furniture and art from the wooden remnants of demolished houses. If they weren’t saving these materials, they would simply be going on the Council waste pile.

Not only is their furniture gorgeous and inspiring, so is their wall art. If you are in need of something wonderful definitely check these guys out.


Rekindle aren’t the only ones turning waste into art.

Here is the Reading Nest, a installation outside the Cleveland Library. Read more here.


This also reminds me of a sculpture from this year’s Waiheke Islands’s Sculpture on the Gulf Walk.

Pavillion - Waiheke

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