Day 19: Dilly & Day 20: Snood (say what now!!??)

The harder and more outrageous these words, get the more they push me in one of two directions – completely literal or supremely conceptual. These two days represents one of each.

Dilly: something or someone regarded as remarkable, unusual; combination of delightful and delicious; large.

A dilly of a storm. A dilly of a fight. A dilly of a painting. Yeah, thats what I thought.

So this one is conceptual, it had lots of meaning to me at the time I painted it, although the photo doesn’t show the subtly of the orange, which is meant to be the dilly of the combination of the yellow and red. In this case, it looks like a dilly of a yellow.



Snood: a netlike or part of a hat or fabric that holds or covers the back of a woman’s hair. This was definitely the case of google first and imagine later. I thought it was like a hair net that you would hold a bun in. Google images shows images of a older style of hair nets from wool and other materials that almost sits over the whole head. Hence the picture of a bit of each, with a change in style halfway.



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