Einstein’s Science of Art

Well kind of. Bear with me. There are three approaches to making art, the first is where you have a clear sense of what you are painting, the second where you have no clue and the third where you have an idea but its still a very intuitive process.

When painting something specific, like today’s word (lese majesty aka treason) jumping straight in and applying paint to the canvas in the hope of a masterpiece emerging, would only have resulted in a pile of paint on the canvas. Eeek!

I noticed that I spent more time thinking about how to paint “lese majesty” (30-45 mins) than I did actually painting it (5-10mins). When I finally applied paint to the canvas, I focused on building layers of paint to create the colour of royalty (purple). I wasn’t quite sure how I would represent treason when I started but simply focused on creating the purple. Then, I intuitively decided to cut into the purple to represent the treason committed against the crown, to show that the Crown will live on – damaged but not destroyed.

If I hadn’t spent more time framing the problem, I would have ended up with a pile of mess (or an ugly literal painting – like some of the ones you will have seen from my attempts earlier this week). Thinking first, having a clear direction, allows creativity and intuition to follow – it works best with a structure and constraints to work within.

So Albert Einstein said this:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 4.28.38 PM

So Einstein was clearly a great artist, framing the problem first and allowing his intuition and creativity to finish it off.

Look out for Lese Majesty soon!

2 thoughts on “Einstein’s Science of Art

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