Day 22: Mickle (What archaic words tell us about problem solving)

Who would have thought that archaic words, no longer in use, could teach us something? When using words or concepts you have never heard of or used before, you have no pre-exisiting context or experience to recognise them with.

Mickle, you might think “taking the mickey” but you know its not quite right. If the challenge was “cow” or “hedonistic” you would instantly have many visual images scrolling through your mind. It would be a matter of choosing one and deciding how to adapt it, rather than being forced to think about something entirely new.

Let’s face it -these days how many challenges are posed to you that you have no context for?

The advantage of using a beginners mindset with any problem is you have no preconceived notions or ideas or solutions. You are starting fresh. This is useful in any design or creative project, as well as in business or personal dilemmas. Take away all the possible options you have thought about, the previous solutions you have tried, clear your mind and start fresh.

You never know what you may learn or see that your mind had previously closed off to you.

Mickle ia archaic for great, large, much.

Given I am restricting myself to A4, I will let you decide which part of the painting represents Mickle.


I would love to hear your thoughts, just add a comment below.


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