Intuitive Painting (Don’t ask me what it means or represents – you tell me)

After painting Mickle, I felt the need to keep painting. My hands wanted to keep pushing paint across a surface. So I grabbed a canvas (thankfully I have a stash) and got started. There was no set agenda, no problem or idea, no concept whatsoever. I just wanted to paint.

It started off with large brush strokes and colour blending that looked like stars. The blue one, the yellow and red one, a bit of black and some green. Nothing too exciting. Then I started to fill in spaces, blend more colours and play with different ways to apply and move paint using the same brush.

I am not convinced its finished, I think that top left hand corner is still not quite there yet. Something about it doesn’t sit right. My art teacher is all about having something interesting or non-uniform in a painting so it can draw the eye. I thought the black strip would be like an anchor for all the colour, but it turned into gray and white block. So no I am not so sure what its doing there.

Take a look. You tell me. What do you see?


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