Everyday creativity – Paint and Cereal

As humans we need to create art everyday. Whether that is the kind that involves paints, food or code, it doesn’t matter – everyday you need to create. Not creating stifles who you are and your ability to express yourself fully.

Two things are fundamental to me achieving everything else needed to run my business without going mad.

Exercise and painting.

The past week or so my boyfriend has been dragging me out of the house at 7am each morning to walk for an hour. I totally feel better for it (its just hard for me to get out of the house!)

How to squeeze painting into a morning though, when I don’t have an extra hour available for warming up and settling into big works?

So here is what I came up with.

Painting over breakfast!!

Take one bowl of cereal, an A5 piece of paper and a bunch of paints.

And it’s not about what you create but just putting paint on paper until breakfast is done. Having cereal that will go soggy, really speed up your painting!

So here is day 1: experimenting with watercolour (I love watching paint blend itself on the canvas),


Day 2: some ugly experimentation


Day 3: threw away my paintbrush and back to the style I love (sticky fingers)


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