Making Mistakes

About a month ago I made a huge mistake. I just didn’t know it at the time.

I thought the stars were aligning and that I needed something to help me take the next step. Its true, I definitely needed a better process for staying in touch with all the great people in my network (there just never seems to be enough time to connect with people as often as I want to).

So I was overwhelmed, busy and it felt like my juggling plates were going to hit the floor.

I also thought that a big opportunity was just around the corner. I thought everything was about to change, even though nothing was in the bag.

Everything was getting too hard and I thought I saw an easy solution. Problem was, I didn’t know how to use it.

But that wasn’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem is an assumption I made. Let’s be honest, any assumption you make is kicking you in the arse -whether you realise it or not!

The assumption I made was as a business owner I could reduce the networking I was doing and focus on building a solution that would do it for me. Guess what happened?

Nothing! My pipeline dried up and I still didn’t have a working process.

So here are my learnings from this little debacle:

1. As a business owner you can’t stop networking, talking to people about your service and what you are passionate about. It should be the focus of every conversation, especially while in startup mode.

2. If your business isn’t ready to outsource work to a human (i.e., employing someone), then it isn’t ready to incorporate some fancy software into the business.

3. You need to have a clearer sense of what the process looks like before you try and automate it.

So time to move on, get back to basics and start again. 🙂

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