Doors and Windows

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? When something bad happens, something positive is just around the corner?

I do. Although that can be damn hard to remember, when life looks like poo.

Once I turned my perspective around on failure, I felt a relief. Looking and applying for jobs is something I know how to do. And it is very comforting to slip back into a comfort zone for a time out. It is nice that once in a while things don’t have to be so hard.

I believe we need the easy as well as the hard in our lives. If we aren’t taking ourselves to the cliff and trying to climb a steep rock wall in snowy conditions in shorts and bare hands, then we aren’t getting the most out of life. We aren’t testing ourselves and learning, things essential for humans to continue to grow.

But every so often a timeout, a retreat into the cave, the comfort zone, is a welcome relief. Like laying on a tropical beach with a fruity cocktail in one hand. Aaahh.

This is a good but its not the best part of this story.

That happened when I noticed something I would never had seen while in stressed business mode. Something I would never have been curious about while my blinkers were off.

A little sign that said “Buffer, we’re hiring”. What followed was a very exciting job, so exciting that I stopped updating my CV and spent a couple of hours researching and learning all about Buffer. Did you know that they have a disparate workforce based around the world? Yay for me! That they have a culture based on transparency, learning and positivity? Awesome x3. And they are seeking someone to love all their customers and users, to engage them and create a community of awesome, happy, loving Buffer users. Perfect.

So I am ecstatic. There is some tough competition for the job though. So I better get cracking. Let’s hope they love me and think I am a good fit for their culture.

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