Procrastinating from your Art

I have lots to do today, I bet you do to. Reply to the insurance company, call the videographer, pay some bills, attend some business webinars and a bunch of other things that I kind of want to do, but lack the motivation for.

I am procrastinating.


Because I think I should be doing those things, when in fact what I want to be doing something else. That something else is creative journaling for the Brene Brown course.

I feel guilty. Spending time on a creative journal does’t seem to be the kind of thing that should be done during business hours.

Why do I believe that? Why is my subconscious telling me that I am better off doing admin than something that makes a difference and matters?

My brain tells me it’s too time consuming to make art, to be creative.

Spending time on ourselves and on our art, whatever that may be, is never in vain. It always leads to good things.

Today I was running behind schedule so I tried to put my painting off til later. But I reminded myself, starting my day with creativity allows creative thoughts to intertwine with everything else I do.

So I sat down and painted.

But that is a reasonably short exercises.

So I have to take my creative time and chunk it down and intertwine it through my day.

Here are three questions for you:

What are you procrastinating about doing?

What would you rather be doing?

Can you give yourself permission to do it?

How can you chunk it down to make it approachable?

Enjoy making your art. 🙂

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