What a real toy farm looks like

It’s amazing how making things real for people can increase the impact of the message you are communicating. It is a cross between art and real life, something you can interact with, touch and feel.

I also love that people will create art about life to change perspectives and create change.

Make Wealth History

A couple of weeks ago Zach and I built a farm out of his Duplo bricks. It’s a cosy, family affair, the Duplo farm – more of a hobby smallholding than a serious business enterprise. Toy farms don’t represent the real world very well, it’s fair to say. (Neither do toy trains, which are almost always steam trains, for some reason)

So what would it look like if you made a toy farm that actually reflected modern agriculture? That’s what subversive Dutch toymaker/artist Tomm Velthuis has done with his 21st century pig farm. Designed for an exhibition on meat eating, it comes “complete with 200 pigs, the enormous amounts of food required to fatten them up, the trees that must be cleared for feed crops, and the acid rain caused by the pigs’ manure.”



Tomm’s website also sells organic and standard pigs, and a piglet playset that comes with clippers…

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