Life is a Daily Experiment

Starting something new, something unknown is always scary.

I am looking at this big scary white space and wondering what it will become. In fact, I let that blank canvas just lie on the floor for days waiting for it to tell me it’s future. It wasn’t ready yet.

Late one night I relented. I picked up a tube of red paint and a rag and pushed and pulled and scrubbed and dashed. The next night I picked up a different red and did it again. When I came back from washing the rag, I had an idea, a spark, to try something I had never done before.

I took the wet rag and starting bashing the canvas with it. Flicking at the semi-dried paint, breaking its solidity. Wasn’t exactly a quiet process, I wonder what my flat mates thought I was doing.

It created a great effect, and I will use it again.

I didn’t know what would come of the red wedding (no slashing of the canvas required) but by venturing into the unknown I learnt something new.

Doing a little something everyday will lead to little, unexpected, ideas, and over time those will become big ideas.

A master never becomes a master over night. A master works at it everyday, never knowing whether success or failure lies around the corner. Small experiments, trying and failing, learning small things, until one day those small things become something that changes your world.


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