The Big Red Chair – Is it possible?

I am starting a new series of weekly posts entitled or themed around what inspired me in the past week.

This week, what inspired me was something a little crazy and a little subversive.

What do you get when you cross a Christo with an Ai Wei Wei?

A big red chair. Really big, say 30 metres big.

A traditional, old school chair, the kind that when you lean back there is only so far you can go before you will lose balance and fall to the floor.

The chair is already on a lean, hanging at its tipping point. The point where the old is about to collapse into the new. What would that new world look like when a shattered chair is much easier to imagine?

What is rising up, ready to take its place?

Big Red Chair

The picture is not to scale at all, but you get the idea.

So world, how does one create a very large chair and then erect it in a public space? How much would that cost? How do you manufacture it? Erect it?

And to sprinkle a little Ai Wei Wei in there…..most public art begs the questions “Can I touch it?” and the very fact it is “art”, deems it untouchable.

But a society cannot change without the people pushing the boundaries. The daring will be provided with a little something to stick onto the chair when no one is looking. Would that be you? Would you get caught?

I welcome your ideas for bringing this idea to life.


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