Lime Green is a Mean Girl

Can anyone wear lime green? I am not talking about a dull, dark lime the fruit look like. I mean in your face, poke your eye out from a distance lime. Bordering on neon.

Who can wear that colour and live to tell the tale?

Lime green pants

At the tender age of eleven, I was most defintely not ready to handle the power of lime green, well I didn’t think so. I had a pair of lime green pants that I loved. Not just admired or adored, but loved.

Shame, I was too afraid to wear them.

I fell in love the moment I saw them, I had to have them. They were just so fricking fabulous. They were everything I wanted to be. The confidence – the strut – that a colour as fabulously obnoxious as lime green requires.

Because if you couldn’t strut down the street, if you and your lime green couldn’t own that street, then death would follow — well social embarrassment — that’s the greatest teenage fear.

But I couldn’t do it.

They haunted me. I would put them on, feebly try and create an outfit that worked (aside…what the f*>k actually matches with lime green that won’t make you puke or your eyes roll backwards in your head??) I could never quite find a combination that gave me the confidence to leave the house.

Let’s not forget it was the 90’s and everything was gray / brown, mix and match, a rejection of the excess, materialism, royal blue and hot pink of the eighties. Now that was seriously a depressing decade to try and wear fabulous clothes, when fitting in meant trying to look like you were inept at dressing yourself and looked like you hadn’t washed anything in a week!

Man, it was hard to know how to be cool in the nineties! Seriousy not a good time to have a preppy or loud colourful look — no wonder we were all so angsty and depressed!

So my lime green pants hung in my wardrobe for years, taunting my love and devotion with words of fear and failure.

Until one day I said goodbye and gave them away, unworn. Never to feel the power of the lime green strut, never having found the confidence to be fabulous and not give a damn what other people think and just go for it!

(I did one day get a snow jacket with lime green trim, but it just wasn’t the same.)

I hid in terror from those jeans, longing to one day be cool enough to ignore the entire fashion trend of the nineties, to not look like everyone else and to wear clothes that made me feel like me.

What would have happened if I had finally stood up to those lime green pants and said “I am not afraid of you. I am not afirad that you scare people, shock them and try and blind them as they walk idly down the street. You may be plutonium but I am super woman and that shit doesn’t bother me.”

What needs to come first — the confidence to wear the clothes you love, or finding the clothes that make you feel confident in yourself?

That fear of being judged by others for what we wear is crippling.

Confidence in ourselves is the most powerful feeling we ever have — to be successful at work, to speaking our truth in relationships, to doing the work we love, to just being happy with who we are and being taken seriously for what we do best.

That self judgment is a cruel mistress, she makes you feel unworthy and unfabulous and makes me want to skip parties and stay home with ice cream and re-runs.

Yet if my Dressing My Truth journey has taught me anything, its that you look fabulous in the clothes that match who you are. You put them on and you see yourself reflected in the mirror, your personality, your nature — so your fabulousness just starts to reinforce itself.

And it helps to have a friend or two that encourages you to wear the pants you are afraid of (this time it was a dress!)

So lime green, is it really anyones colour? It certainly not mine and I am going to be fabulous without it. Hot pink anyone?


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