I believe in living with passion, that moment when your soul feels like its on fire, that your heart will burst from being overfilled with the joy.

Some days that feels like despair and emptiness, but the hard times create the great times. Otherwise we would all spend our lives journeying in the mundane, mediocre, average and monotone.

For me, much of that inspiration and journey is driven by art. By seeing the way others interpret life and the perspective they take when finding ways to express that to the world.

Ignite Your Senses was born from a simple self-reflection project to review the artists that inspired me and the impact they had on my life. What was it about these artists that resonated with my life? How I could I bring more of that into the everyday?

Now its a place to share art and perspectives that could be a catalyst for change.

For me, making art is a way of healing wounds, answering long held questions and exploring my inner world. By creating experiences for others to do the same, I hope that others find their soul on fire and their senses set alight, even if just for a moment.

Everyday I aim to ignite my senses and help others do the same.

Together we can make the world a brighter, more colourful, friendlier place where everyone feels safe sharing their art and creations, whatever that may look like.



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